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First a definition of the understanding SEARCHING.

SEARCHING is the dog looking freely in a forest or in changing surroundings for an object with a human scent, or for a person. The dog must follow the traces of this person or these persons. Once finding the object or person, the dog has to let this know by barking constantly. He has to guard and is not allowed to bite. The KNPV rules differentiate in the following aspects: 1. Waiting and obeying the command
2. The manner of searching
3. Barking
4. Guarding
5. Not biting the object

Werro v.d. Soeburcht, searching object. Owner: Jacques Suurmond

Dax v.d. Groot Wezenland, searching person www.grootwezenland.com

The SEARCHING FOR PERSON is taught by sending a dog, put on a long leash, over a short distance to a helper who is standing in the forest, in sight of the dog. Coming up to the helper, the dog has to bark up to him and guard him, preferably close to the helper, or behind the helper, in standing or sitting position. The dog already learned this barking and guarding on the training field. The helper tries to send the dog away with his voice. The distance to the helper should gradually be expanded until the helper is out of sight and the dog must search for him. After the handler arrives at dog and helper, they are transported to the sampler. The dog must never bite during barking and guarding. To keep up the attention of the dog, you can have the helper break out and run away during transport, after which the dog can bite. It takes some courage for the dog to go out in an alien field, to go and find the helper and guard him effectively, out of sight of the handler.

Akki von der Schuetzenhoehe and Jan Scheele, Barking up. Owner: Jacques Suurmond

Akki von der Schuetzenhoehe and Jan Scheele, Biting as a reward. Owner: Jacques Suurmond

The SEARCHING in the IPO program has nothing to do with an independently working dog. It is nothing more than a roll call practice. Out on the field there are 6 blinds, in the last one the biteworker is hidden. The dog already knows this of course, but still he has to take up the command of his handler (searching the 6 blinds in the correct order of rank) quickly and fluently. Coming up to the 6th blind, the one with the biteworker, he must bark up to him loud and ongoing. After a sign of the sampler, the handler walks up to the dog and stands next to him, and takes the dog back to the starting position. With the VH program, the dog is called away from the blind to get at heel.

Diego v Marija’s Hoeve, Calling the biteworker out of the blind. Owner: Richard Venzelaar

On instruction of the sampler, the handler calls the biteworker out of the blind to position himself on a pre-set point. After another instruction of the sampler, the handler sets down the dog on some tens of metres away from the biteworker.

Diego v Marija’s Hoeve, Escape of the biteworker. Owner: Richard Venzelaar

Jan Scheele and Arie vom Domburgerland, Escape obstruction. Owner: Jacques Suurmond

On a sign of the sampler the biteworker escapes, the dog has to get up with the biteworker immediately and obstruct the escape by biting full and hard.

Niki Nitra, Guarding www.koenigshoehle.at

On a sign of the sampler, the biteworker stops his attempt to escape. The dog must let go of the biteworker after the single command “LET GO” and guard him closely and attentive.

Diego v Marija’s Hoeve, Assault after escape Owner: Richard Venzelaar

After approx. 5 seconds of guarding, the biteworker attacks and assaults the dog, and without a hint of the handler the dog must defend himself directly and, without any hesitation, bite full and hard.

Diego v. Marija's Hoeve, Eigenaar: Richard Venzelaar

Once the dog has bitten, 2 hits with a stick are given on the less sensitive body parts. After a sign of the sampler, the biteworker stops his assault and the dog must let go of him after the single command “LET GO”, and guard him closely and attentive. On a sign of the sampler, the handler goes up to the dog and tells him to get at foot and prepares them for the back transport.

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